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November 21 - Chamoix to Zermatt

Buses, Trains, and Naps...

So, time for a daily re-cap (and it was only 3 days before I finally did one :P )

Yesterday...I admit, I ended up taking a 6 hour nap in the afternoon, which could very well have spelled disaster for getting up on time in the morning, but we maanged to wake upon time-ish, get dresssed and check out of the hotel mostly on time. The train station was litterally 2 doors down on our street, so we had time to swing over to the Bakery we went to yesterday for a morning pastry and coffee. The wind was insane! A gust actually blew me off the curb into the street at one point. But we got back to the train station in time to catch...our bus. Yes, the trains aren't running at this point for part of our journey, so we had to take a bus. An extremely nauseating bus ride ensued for about 40 minutes. Which was kind of a shame...it was a very beautiful ride...


After that bus ride we switched over to a very quaint little 3 car train.


It was quite delightful after the bus rid. We rode the edge of a beautiful valley for quite awhile...



Then we switched to a bus again for a while. More lovely scenery, more car-sickening terrain. This particular bus stretch was chock-a-block with hair-pin turns. Bluurgh... But there was some really cool views of little towns down in the valley...




Down in the Valley we switched back to a train...again...




Ok...one more train transfer. We picked up some water and snacks in a little grocery store while we waited for our connection. Dama let me choose which water to get (as I'm somewhat finicky about water). This train was actually the coolest. It had epic 10' tall windows and part of the roofline was glass as well, so you could get excellent views of the scenery. As you can see in the picture of Dama there was an absolutely awesome railway attendant I became quite fascinated with. He was the quintessential euro-man (smoking at every opportunity). As it turned out I chose the water poorly, it was fizzy water (not what I wanted), which Dama normally likes but for some reason she hated the taste of this stuff. I little family from Singapore who sat across from us asked if the water was fizzy and we said yes. They were like "Why do they do that ? Everytime we buy water here it turns out to be 'gas water'...". They had two little boys who were awesomely obnoxious...just enough to be entertaining...



And so we arrived in Zermatt, Switzerland! We hopped off the last train discovered it was raining. So we ducked into a drug store and picked up some umbrellas. We had about a 15 minute walk to our Hotel, which afforded us a decent walk through the main drag. Zermatt is overwhelmingly a resort town for skiers, as there are some pretty famous ski slopes in the area, the Alps of course being all around us. We checked into our hotel and discovered it to be super cute and old world style. The only thing we disliked about the hotel was that they didn't provide us with a water boiler...which precludes tead and coffee making before bed, which Dama has found to be good for her before bed. I knew i shoulda brought my immersion heater :P


After we dropped off our stuff we ventured out tot a little grocery store nearby and got some salami and cheese for a snack (we already had French bread with us from Chamonix)...and a local Bier (beer) for me.


Sad to say, after that we managed to conk out again for another day-gutting 6 hour nap. When we both woke up it was nearly 10 and Dama wasn't feeling too great, so I just went out to grab a bite from a nearby Mickey D's.


We are resolved not to nap our trip anymore, so we'll see how that goes tomorrow.

That's all for now :)

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