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So much for London! This reeeeeeally shouldn't count as visiting the country...we technically never entered the country. I gotta say though they had just about the slickest security set up I've seen yet. Each person had a dedicated loading area that automatically dispensed the bin to pug you stuff in to be x-rayed. Super orderly :D


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and the carb train continues. So far it's a pretty painless connection (for LAX anyway) we arrived like 3 gates away from our next departure.
See ya'll in London!


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Let's start this trip off right...


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Heading out today...

Well, we are about to embark on a another adventure! France, Switzerland, and Germany!

It's been a rough year and it's time for some fun...

The plane to LAX takes of at 3:50pm. Then we set out from LAX at 7:00pm. We've got another connection in London before we finally arrive in France.

Ugh...here's hoping my head doesn't explode (Earplanes don't fail me!)...

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